Ducati Monster 620 Break-In

Hi All! I've got 350 miles on my 2005 Monster 620 Dark. This bike is thrilling! Too thrilling, in fact. I know I'm not supposed to go over 7000 RPMs during the first 600 miles, but I have. Something happens to me when I get on the PCH: I twist that throttle! Next thing I know I'm yelling at myself for dipping the tachometer to around 8000-8500 RPMs. This has only happened three or four times, and only for a moment each time. Have I hurt my new bike? Have I already guaranteed that my bike won't be making full power? Can the dealer cry "warrantee is void" after downloading some kind of engine-management history report? Is that last one even possible??? Thanks in advance for everybody's help.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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