Suzuki M50 Seat Questions Staff
by Staff
I want to buy a Suzuki M50. However, even MO's review comments that the seat is rough on your tailbone. Other owners have made similar comments concerning the stock seat. Is a gel seat the solution and if so,where could I buy one, and when will one be available?

Sincerely, rookieridertoo

Gabe and Fonzie didn't care for the seat on our test unit, they both found that the rear fender bracket protruded through the gap between the rider and passenger's seats, hitting them in the tailbone. I rode the bike around town a bit and didn't have any trouble with it, but didn't put nearly as many miles on it as Gabe and Fonzie. As for a solution; surely, Corbin, Sargent, Mustang, Bill Meyer and several other aftermarket companies will make a suitable replacement. -Sean

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