Harley-Davidson Pulling Strings in California

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Harley-Davidson has quietly sponsored a bill (AB1189) in California's legislature that would do two things:
  • Allow Harley-Davidson's training program, Rider's Edge, to exempt students from having to pass the on-cycle test at a DMV office.
  • Remove price caps from CHP-sponsored motorcycle training courses.
Both of these seem like bad ideas to me.

If price caps are removed, the price of training courses will very probably go up, and fewer riders are likely to opt for this important training.

If Harley-Davidson is allowed to grant exemptions to DMV licensing tests, this will open the door to a major conflict of interest which is bad for motorcyclist and for the entire road-going population. Harley-Davidson is a for-profit business entity. That Harley should train riders and also sell them motorcycles in one fell swoop (or at least in related transactions) is a transparent business strategy that while good for Harley, may not be good for the rest of us. People who flunk Harley's Rider's Edge training course are not very likely to buy one of Harley's motorcycles, are they? So Harley-Davidson would have a strong financial interest in passing all its trainees, even the sub-standard ones. In other words, Harley-Davidson would have a strong financial interest in putting sub-standard riders on the roads with you and me.

If you have an opinion on Harley-Davidson's bill, contact your California representative!



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