MO Puts the New R 1200 RT on the Dynojet

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Unfortunately, BMW was unable to release any test units in time for us to get a dyno reading before we had to publish our tests of the new R 1200 ST and R 1200 RT. Apparently it was worth the wait, because we just strapped the new RT to the MO Dyno and (are you sitting down?) it generated an astounding 103Hp and 81LbFt of torque! That's 15Hp and 10LbFt stronger than the R 1200 GS we tested last summer. We've added the new dyno chart to the R 1200RT and R 1200ST Intro stories we posted last month. Give them a re-read, then come back and tell us if you're shocked by this newfound boxer-twin power.

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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