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Fast cars, hot women, police pursuits, high-speed stunts that don'talways go as planned...

No, this isn't another Hollywood movie with highly-paid actors pretending tolive life in the fast lane. Filmmaker Greg Filipkowski has captured the realdeal in a truly kick-ass Movie called "2Fast2Real II."

Check it out yourself: Watch the video trailer.

Forget those so-called "reality shows" where producers manipulate auditionedwannabes. In "2Fast2Real II," the cast consists of everyday people with apassion for burning up asphalt at 150 mph. For them, it isn't about 15minutes of fame -- it's about having the fastest car and the sharpest skillsbehind the wheel.

Still, the DVDs are creating tremendous buzz in some pretty cool circles.Filipkowski, who was born in Poland, said his footage was intended for a TVreality show.

"We didn't have any in's with a network, so basically to recoup theinvestment, we decided to go to the market with a DVD. And the market isoverwhelmed because there's never been reality street-racing videos releasedlike that. People started to wonder where this was coming from and why itlooked so professional. We shoot everything with four cameras. All of thesudden, the celebrities wanted to be a part of it. In fact, celebritieslike LL Cool J, EPMD, Run DMC, and Biohazard were part of a "2Fast2Real II".

Filipkowski, the man behind, knows these amateur speedwayswell. He started racing when he was 17, but he turned his attention frombeing behind the wheel to behind the camera for a professionally shot,heart-stopping tour of street racing. His cameras capture the thrills asguys with walkie-talkies keep a watch for police and drivers in classic carsrev their engines.

Until the networks wise up, you can add "2Fast2Real II" to your DVDcollection and hit the play button whenever you want to get a taste of lifein the fast lane.

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