Short Riders: Finally a Way to Get a Leg Up! Staff
by Staff
A lot of people ride cruisers because that's the only type of bike that will allow their short legs to reach the ground.

Inseam-challenged riders have for years begged bike manufacturers to make naked bikes, sportbikes, and sport-tourers with lower seat heights, to no avail.

Unless bike makers come through with lower seats on these models, short-legged riders are simply out of luck.

Or are they?

This news item from China may offer an alternative to a lifetime spent riding cruisers.

That's just nasty! Disturbing, even. But, we gotta say that being able to ride sportbikes is a much better use of this than getting into acting school! ;-) Really, though, short riders should just sidesaddle at stops like all people under six feet tall do when riding dirtbikes. Or, point your tippy toes down and balance the bike. It's not hard and being short should impede anyone from motorcycling! Yeah, it's nice to have two feet on the ground -- especially when learning -- but we can't think of any MOron here that's fallen over doing this, and we've had some shorties @MO.


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