2005 BMW R 1200 ST and RT

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
I'd almost say that "stunned" would be an appropriate word to describe my reaction to the performance of BMW's new R 1200 ST and R 1200 RT. They aren't going to be winning a MotoGP race any time soon, but they will positively annihilate any of the older R 1100 / R 1150 series bikes, while offering improved comfort and some interesting new technology.

Please be sure to read both reviews, as they are on separate pages.

*Price Correction* BMW announced today that they have changed their minds again.... They are now going to make the ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) a $750 option on the R 1200 RT. This means that they are re-adjusting the RT's MSRP back down to $17,490. -Sean

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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