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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Billy Lane Avoids Fender Fire

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 12, 2005
For those of you who have a life after dark and didn't see the latest "Biker Build-Off", Billy built and rode a bike without the rear fender lighting up.

He did, however, manage to break his arm in four places. During the ten-day build, "his kickstand got caught by a road reflector" and he departed controlled flight, as a Navy crash investigator would say.

His competitor, Amen Cycles' Mike Brown decided not to claim a forfeit, and Billy finished the build three months later. Brown's graciousness was repaid on the ride from Biloxi to Daytona when the downtube on his bike's frame splintered. Billy did not want to claim a forfeit, and told Brown to get the bike fixed and they'd wait for him in Apalachicola (a good name to throw at your spellchecker!)

When Brown (a devout Christian) was out of earshot, Billy told the camera that Brown was going to pay for the drinks at the first stripclub they could find. And the lapdances.

They stopped right here in sunny Panama City Beach. And never called me. They spent the night at the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola. Brown caught up with them there, and they rode the rest of the way to BiketoberFest in Daytona.

I'll not spill the results of the competition for those of you who've not seen the show...

Would this be the first biker soap opera? Heh, manly men watching a masculinized soap opera, your wives/girlfriends will all laugh!

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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