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Cager Drives Off with Motorcyclist's Severed Foot Embedded in His Bumper

By George Obradovich, Mar. 10, 2005
On the one hand, it seems like the English and the Euros have a much more enlightened approach to motorcycling. They're much better about driver and rider training, integrating motorcycles into general traffic and also about motorcycle parking.

But when it comes to punishing drivers who hit motorcyclist, the English don't seem to be any better than South Dakota...

Tony Blair recently recognized motorcycles as a " mainstream" mode of transportation in England. In fact one of his own doctors has "rushed through London traffic on a motorcycle to tend to him."

So this light sentence for a gruesome collision is a bit surprising. Motorcyclist in the UK are expressing consternation. Well, here's the BBC report.

As a point of discussion, I've heard a reasonable argument that punishments for hitting a motorcyclist should not be any more stern than usual. The logic goes something like:

  • If hitting a motorcyclist leads to heavier punishment, the effect is to make motorcyclists a priviliged group that receives special protections.
  • If cagers perceive motorcyclists as "priviledged," they will hold even more resentment toward us.
  • If enough resentment builds up, they could vote us off the roads.
  • Cagers have more voting power than motorcyclists do.
  • They could easily outlaw motorcycles "for our own good" if they really wanted to.
  • If cagers faces tougher punishments for hitting motorcyclists, they'll be more likely to want to get rid of us.
  • What's to stop them?
  • Well, there you have it, MOrons. I started out just to report the incident in England, but it's led to a larger topic for discussion. What say you?

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    Motorcycle.com Staff
    Motorcycle.com Staff

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