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Motorcycle safety study...

By George Obradovich, Mar. 09, 2005

The Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers and the European Commission ran a study recently that looked at some 2,000-odd motorcycle accidents in 1999 and 2000.




The researchers looked at 921 accidents and then 923 same-situation non-accidents which acted as a control. Here are some results from the above homepage:

"The [motorcycle] accident data collected in this study indicated that the object most frequently struck in an accident was a passenger car. The second most frequently struck object was the roadway itself, either as the result of a single vehicle accident or of an attempt to avoid a collision with [another vehicle]. Whilst each sampling area contained both urban and rural areas, the majority of the accidents took place in an urban environment.

"Travelling and impact speeds for all [motorcycle] categories were found to be quite low, most often below 50 km/h. There were relatively few cases in which excess speed was an issue related to accident causation.

"The cause of the majority of [motorcycle] accidents collected in this study was found to be human error. The most frequent human error was a failure to see the [motorcycle] within the traffic environment, due to lack of driver attention, temporary view obstructions or the low conspicuity of the [motorcycle]...

"...The data demonstrated that the use of alcohol increased the risk of being in an accident, although the percentage was lower than in other studies.

"Unlicenced [motorcycle] operators who were illegally riding [motorcycles] that required a licence, were also found to be at greater risk of being involved in an accident when compared to licenced [motorcycle] riders."

It seems to be a good addition to David Hough's book.


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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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