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by Motorcycle.com Staff

2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 07, 2005
These are really the only two bikes available to me in my area (a small island in Asia) that I have to choose between in the next 2 weeks. From what I've read I'm leaning towards the 1000 but just barely. The 1000 has under 3000 miles and is being sold for just a little cheaper than the new 600. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.............travis

Small island in Asia? Where? Ashley had a CBR150RR in Thailand...

..but passed on anything bigger because they're too hard to get parts for, too big to whip through traffic and don't get 85+ mpg like the small motorbikes there do. And the CBR150 was made in Thailand so you don't have to pay the Thai 32% import luxury tax -- that is, if you import something (such as computers, TVs, any motorcycle beyond the limited 100-125cc scooter "motorbikes") that doesn't have a similar Thai-made item available, you have to pay the tax. She traded it in for a Honda Sonic 125, and had that converted to a trailbike -- and that's our recommendation for buying in Asai. Get a DP bike! Then you can blast around the zillion dirt roads/trails that crisscross Asia, split lanes with abandon -- Sonic 125s (and the CBR150RR sportbikes) are extremely narrow compared to an inline-four machine. The roads tend to be so poor, traffic so bad and petty theft so high (as a broad generalization, you personally will be safe from major harm in most Buddhist Asian countries but your posessions won't be -- get used to it or don't go) that it's best to get something smaller that you can actually ride, fix in a timely manner and replace without breaking the bank if stolen.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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