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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Stuff That Really Works...How 'bout it?

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 01, 2005
While I comprehend the Publics need to gain an identity through Aint My Stuff Cool! material possessions; I have however, had to bear the witnessing of numerous individuals being driven into the ground by their unquestioning faith in acquisitiveness, and I dont understand that. One look at the National figures for credit-card-defaults and, Americas use of antidepressants and you can get a pretty good idea about what Im talking about. Americans seem to have no true sense of themselves or any idea of culture; so how something works seems to always take a back seat, to how it looks or how it makes its owner appear. And weve also gone to such extremes in our shallow neediness, that our wives husbands and significant others have become nothing more than consumer items, that we will trade on a whim to make ourselves feel better.

Consequently, and respectively, the market is flooded with products that arent as good as the advertising that promotes them, and divorce litigation is a huge industry.


Thats just me, Jerking Off (gotta admit Im good at it, if I do say so my selfat, Jerking Off, that is).

There is, however, something strikingly wonderful, about things that actually work; and that's what I really want to talk about. Yes, I appreciate things that are pleasing to the eye (996 Ducati Lamborghini Diablo Halle Barry). But, show me anything that actually does what its supposed to do, and it does it really well (Suzuki V-Strom Four-Way-Screwdriver, or even a Well-Lit-Room) and I will be happyif not, down-right amazed and dumbfounded! Because...

Good Stuff I mean, Really Good Stuff doesnt come along everyday.

Oddly enough, what got me thinking about Stuff-That-Works, was a disposable cup. The other day I asked for some coffee a cup was handed to me I looked down at the cup, and said, Whoa! I knew immediately that the damn-thing workedPaper-Inside, Styrofoam-Outside, it was a cup within a cup with a recessed bottom, so it would sit and be stable and a textured outside surface, so it wouldnt slip while holding it. And you might say, Whats the Big Deal! Its just a cup. And, youd be right, except for one thing. Products that really workare, more rare than they should be.

So once again, How About It! Whattaya got to say? You give us-all a few examples of the things (not motorcycles this time, but stuff elated to them, if you dont mind) that Really-Work in your life and, that you might be lost without. And, then, the-rest-of-us will probably give you Hell. Here, Ill kick things off...

#1: Crescent Wrench: Yeah, I know that we all make jokes about anyone we see using one; but how many Crescent Wrenches come on, admit it do you actually own: three, four, five? Hey, nobody has less than two! And Im not talking about the All Tools Under $5.00 cheapie bin, stuff, either. I mean, real Crescent Tool Company of Jamestown, NY adjustable open-end wrenches, that your kids always borrowing to fix his bicycle, and youre always yelling at him cause theyre missing (even though, God Knows, youd never be caught-dead actually using one). Ill admit it, I have about a half dozen - the good-ones in my toolbox, and a couple in the kitchen-junk-drawer and, theres always one in my back pocket, whenever Im going-out to fix-something.

#2: Four-Way-Screwdriver: Also joked about, and also originally manufactured by the Crescent Tool Company of Jamestown, NY. At my house, all preliminary-exploratory, shade-tree-examinations are performed with both a Four Way and a Crescent Wrench, on the instrument tray (beer-case, turned on its side). Throw-in a good-hammer just to scare whatever youre working on, a bit and (come on, admit it) youre ready for action.

Now, it your turn

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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