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Let's Hear It

By George Obradovich, Feb. 06, 2005
I want! I want! I want! Thats all I ever hearI talk to myself a lot.

Nobody complains as much as I doI admit itI like to complain! But, its not just me, everyone has opinionssome goodsome badand, some that are down right silly. And if theres one thing that Ive come to learn from the denizens of MO, its that motorcycles are only rivaled in their variety, by the opinions of those who ride them.

Aint nobody made the perfect bike yet. The Holy-Trinity (the SV650, Concours and the VFR) is just that, Three Bikes! Three bikes that could, and would satisfy JUST ABOUT every street rider; if you dumped them in a blender, with 30 gallons of Rum and a truck full of ice (then, youd probably hear someone complainWhat! No Tequila!).

Its the nature of the beastPredators (house cats to tigers) are finicky! And, make no mistakeRiders are like Predators!

We hunt for bikes...We hunt for roads...We hunt for the perfect corner...And we are always hunting for those illusive moments when we are no longer ourselves but part of the moment...Out of body...Out of mind...We find control most, with our conscious minds out of control...when instinct commands...reflexes bite...and muscles twitch and sing to what humans havent heard for millennia...The Call of the Hunt!

Predators have a bad name...
The Lion is feared, but no one loves him.
The Eagles praised for its swiftness, but shot at by fools.
While sheep are prized for their meekness and wool, theyll kick the weak to the edge of the flock, to save themselvesPredators dont do that.

Predators are natures most attentive and caring parents; as anyone whos been between a Bear and her cubs, will tell you (if they can still talk).

So, now that weve established the reason why where such pains in the A$$Lets Discuss How! Whats your favorite weapon? Or, better yetWhat would be your favorite weapon, if could have it Built to Order (sorts feels good, just thinkin about it, dont it?).

Come On! Take your best shot! Well fight to the Death...

Lets tear from the carcass of decades now past.
Rip parts and components from Limey and Jap

Hey, dont worry! Youre among friendsWell just try to rip your heart out.

Whatll it be? Honda/Harley/Busa/Kaw...

Hell! If we cant get a Damn-Good-Fight going, out of this one, I Give Up!

BesidesIt aint politicsAnd it aint like we wouldnt be doing in, anywayif we were discussing something else...

THIS TIME, were just being a little more pointed...


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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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