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Unjust Sentence?

By George Obradovich, Feb. 02, 2005
Classic American justice was served today. I'll do my best to spare you my commentary and opinion and give you the facts:

Kent Johnson, 57, struck and killed motorcyclist Randy Sanchez, 37 (with a wife and two small children) on September 21, 2004, after Johnson sped down the bicycle lane and drove through a red light because he was late for work.

Today Johnson read a prepared statement and stated he was remorseful and apologetic. Randy's father stood up afterward and asked Johnson why, if he was so sorry, hadn't he even had the decency to call to apologize personally? There were a dozen or so statements in support for Johnson and a stack of letters of support for the maximum sentence against him.

--was sentenced to two years in state prison (the maximum was six years);
--will not have probation upon his release from state prison;
--will not lose his license upon his release from state prison;
--will have to pay restitution of $6,000 for Sanchez's motorcycle and $7,000 for his funeral; and (my favorite)
--asked the judge to allow him to remain free for another 10 days so that he could coordinate the musical acts performing in the upcoming Adams Avenue Street Fair.

The sentencing judge, Judge Trentacosta, apparently feels that murder with no mitigating circumstances only qualifies for a mere two years in prison.

What say you?
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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