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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Driver Ignores Yelling Motorcyclist On Car's Hood

By George Obradovich, Dec. 09, 2004

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. -- A witness said a South Florida driver plowed into a motorcyclist Tuesday night and kept going, even as the screaming man rolled onto the hood of the car.

"He didn't know what he hit. He said 'I didn't know. I hit some debris.' I said, 'Debris? But the guy was on your hood yelling at (your) windshield to stop,'" said witness Thomas Thibert.

"I didn't see a guy on my hood," said the driver, Scott Eisenberg. "If I saw a guy on my hood I would have stopped right there. I simply thought I ran over something."

The motorcyclist, Marlowe Buelvas, was driving west on I-595 near State Road 7 when he said Eisenberg hit him. After the impact, Buelvas managed to get up off the ground and write down Eisenberg's license plate number.

Thibert stopped to help Buelvas, then took off after Eisenberg. He chased him 20 miles to Pompano Beach where Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Broward Sheriff's Office deputies intercepted him.

Investigators questioned Eisenberg, but did not arrest him Tuesday night. Today, however they have announced he is charged with the following:

- Leaving the scene of an accident involving damage.
- Failure to report an accident immediately.
- Failure to leave information.
- Careless driving.
- Having no insurance.

Buelvas was not injured, but his motorcycle was reportedly totaled. Buelvas, owner of Gangster Cycles in Dania Beach, said the bike was worth $85,000.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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