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Squidly Stunterz Movie Trailers / Video Clips

By Sean Alexander, Dec. 02, 2004
The new US Edition of the "Adrenalin Crew" DVD is Out Now and available online through our online store, http://www.illegalactivity.com including Holiday Specials and Package Deals

New Trailers and Video Clips from Adrenalin Studios and Adrenalin Crew

Adrenalin Crew Trailer - http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/AC.mpg

Wheelies Commercial - http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/commercial.wmv

Crazy Martin No Handed Endo - http://www.adrenalincrew.com/video/CM.wmvhttp://www.adrenalincrew.com/video/CM.mpg

Master Tard Commercial - http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/mc.wmv

World Wheelie Competition - http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/WWC.wmv

Adrenalin Crew Vehicles Aren't Toys http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/vat.wmv

Street Brutality (fight DVD) http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/streetbrutality.wmv

Boards Gone Wild (Skateboarding Wrecks) http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/bgw.wmv

Hardcore Scene Documentary http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/hxc.wmv

Ok, I know it's an easy way to generate 200+ posts, and I know we've all seen and heard it before, but Hey, call me a glutton for punishment. This Press Release made me think two things. 1.) Cool! 2.) Why! What the hell are these idiots doing menacing the public with their stale and oft-repeated stunts, while probably under the influences of several controlled substances? -Sean

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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