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Axio Tekno Laptop Hard Case

By Sean Alexander, Nov. 30, 2004
Do you carry a laptop computer with you on your daily commute? Does it often make you consider taking the car, because you're worried about damaging the laptop? Have no fear, Axio has an enhanced protection soloution for motorcyclists. The Axio "Tekno" Laptop Hardcase is specifically designed to protect your laptop computer from wind, rain and most importantly, impacts. EBass weaseled one out of them for "testing" purposes and he found it to be just the ticket for avoiding "damaged company property" payroll deductions.

Just a few more days until the next bike test (05 CBR 600RR), In the mean time, lets have some fun DIScussing this handy product.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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