Motorcycle Fatality - A Family Needs Help. Staff
by Staff
On July 24,2004 at 1:00 A.M on Interstate I-20 my boyfriend was killed on his motorcycle.

He was hit from the rear and thrown some 500 feet so they say,and then was hit by a semi and two other vehicles which none of these vehicles bothered to stop.

The only witness to this was the man who hit him who says that my boyfriend was sitting stationary on the interstate in the far right hand lane with his lights out and that he did not see him. What a joke! and the police believed this crazy story. He was not even given a ticket. He did however have alcohol checked on the accident report so he was drinking but not the dUI level.

MO sends our deepest condelences. Gather 'round fellow MOrons, one of ours needs all of the help and advice we can give. - MO

They also let this man take his car from the towing place and get it fixed only two days after the accident. Now the family of my boyfriend we were not even allowed to go near his motorcycle.

I have pictures of the accident that shows this Ford F150 pickup truck on top of the back of my boyfriends Harley. He hit him dead center and went up all the way to the gas tank of his bike. What is strange is that the front end is perfect not a scratch and standing straight up.
What I need to know is if it looks like he was still or moving when he was hit. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.
Also I forgot to mention the fact that he had about $10,000 dollars with him he was coming to Atlanta to open up a tree climbing business with his brother and only $3,200 was returned to his family.

He was killed so bad that they had to cremate his body and they could barley get a fingerprint of him so he could be identified.
I need some knowledge from someone who can help me figure this thing out because the police have no intentions of doing so.

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