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BMW Veteran Club Rally

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 10, 2004
Mississippi, the "Hospitality State" = The south's warmest welcome!

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Rally Heads South

Sturgis, Mississippi - October 22, 2004 ~ Bench Mark Works today announced that it will host the first annual BMW Veteran Motorcycle Club rally to be held in the south. The rally will take place April 22-24, 2005.

Veteran Club members and other vintage BMW motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to gather at Craig and Elaine Vechoriks Bench Mark Works motorcycle museum, campground and vintage parts store for a full-moon weekend of motorcycle-related activities. Craig (Vech) will present two technical seminars, sharing some of the mechanical knowledge he has gained in 30 years of repairing and restoring vintage BMWs.

BMW VMCA membership is desired, but not required. Awards will be given to field event winners and to three motorcycle owners based on vintage motorcycle criteria. If it rains, there is plenty of room inside to enjoy your weekend. Children and pets are welcome at the event.

A $25.00 club donation per adult (payable in advance, or on site) includes: camping/RV space, all meals (except one ride meal), showers, coffee/soft drinks, door prizes, technical seminars, two area rides, swap meet and a 10% discount off all parts purchased from Bench Mark Works. Rally t-shirts will be available for an additional $12.00 club donation.

Bench Mark Works is located nine miles off the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway. For details, see the rally website or contact Elaine Vechorik.

Rally Website

Contact person:
Elaine Vechoik
3400 Earles Fork Road
Sturgis MS 39769
e-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (662) 465-6444

More information (You have permission to duplicate and freely distribute anything to help advertise this rally):
Rally press release (You are here)
Rally flier/poster
Rally registration form
How to locate Bench Mark Works
Field Event Schedule
Local hotels (within easy reach of Bench Mark Works)

For Mississippi travel information call 1-800-WARMEST
Starkville Tourist Information
Ride the Natchez Trace Parkway!
State of Mississippi tourist information & Calendar of events

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