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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Could Pocket Bikes Help Track-Junkies?

By George Obradovich, Nov. 06, 2004

I'm new around here, so I don't know if this Pocket Bike things been done to death already. But, I'm really interested in these little critters, so here are few questions that Id like to get some feedback on.

1: While I dont think a Pocket Bike would ever replace a real Sport Bike, I was wondering whether a Pocket Bike might be useful as a cheap-fix (like methadone) between Track Days?

2: Do you think that Pocket Bikes would be a good way to help popularize the sport of motorcycle roadracing, by bringing in new and younger fan?

3: What would be the plus, and minuses, if motorcycle road racing ever became really big, like NASCAR ?

I've been seeing some Pocket Bikes around and they look like fun. And, since I'm not exactly wealthy, I was thinking they might be a nice supplement, between track days
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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