Brands Hatch WDB Qualifying Results - Superpole

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
It was a chaotic damp Wet Superpole and a lotterty for everyone. John Reynolds came off best with a second place on the grid, but Neil Hodgson was the fastest in the tricky conditions. It has also been announced that Aron Slight will not be riding for Castrol Honda next year. His plans are uncertain. Team Kawasaki remains unchanged for 2001......

Brands Hatch Round World Superbike Qualification Results.


By Colin MacKellar

2000 Brands Hatch Round World SuperbikeTRACK: Brands Hatch - United KingdomDATE: 14 October 2000WEATHER: Cool, wet, but drying.Session #1 Session #2 Superpole========== ========== =========1 48 Hodgson Gbr Duc 1'27.302 1'27.549 1'33.2612 47 Reynolds Gbr Duc 1'27.297 1'27.954 1'33.6063 2 Edwards USA Hon 1'27.245 1'27.521 1'34.0254 7 Chili Ita Suz 1'27.297 1'27.997 1'34.1895 21 Bayliss Aus Duc 1'26.763 1'28.340 1'34.3606 3 Corser Aus Apr 1'26.466 1'27.644 1'34.3967 45 Haydon Gbr Duc 1'26.865 1'28.064 1'34.7028 49 Walker Gbr Suz 1'27.458 1'27.483 1'34.8439 19 Borja Spa Duc 1'28.230 1'29.925 1'35.05810 4 Yanagawa Jpn Kaw 1'27.740 1'28.207 1'35.10611 155 Bostrom USA Duc 1'27.992 1'29.474 1'35.34912 111 Slight Nzl Hon 1'27.448 1'28.258 1'35.42113 9 Fujiwara Jpn Suz 1'27.877 1'29.171 1'36.07814 30 Antonello Ita Apr 1'28.828 1'27.767 1'36.19915 6 Lavilla Spa Kaw 1'28.045 1'28.337 1'36.28016 13 Meklau Aut Duc 1'27.995 1'29.991 1'44.721Top Speed: Chris Walker (249.9 kph) session #1

We're in the UK so the Brits are on top

Wet Superpole pays off for BritsEdwards saves a gravel trap excursion

The wet and miserable weather that had started to settle in over Brands Hatch in the morning, did not really clear for Superpole. It was categorised as a wet Superpole, giving the top 16 riders 50 minutes and 12 laps to set their best time. It had stopped raining, but the track was taking a long time to dry and many riders who spent the first half of the session waiting for a dry line, essentially ran out of time. John Reynolds has his best qualifying result on a Red Bull Ducati, only being pushed off pole by British champion Neil Hodgson (INS Ducati). Following on from his British championship win last weekend and spectacularly successful British SBK rounds, Hodgson looks set for a repeat tomorrow. Edwards run for pole position was messed up by a mistake at the downhill first turn Paddock bend, which took him into the gravel trap, both feet skating over the stones. He ,managed to save it all, returning safely to the pits, but there was no time to challenge for pole.

At the Castrol Honda press conference in the evening, it was officially announced that Aaron Slight would not be riding for the Castrol Honda team in 2001. His long and successful career with Honda was recounted by several speakers and he received several momentos of his years with the team. Although there had been a rumour for some time, it seems as if he was not officially informed of the decision before the press conference was held. Honda seem to be considering running a single rider next season, this being Colin Edwrads who has been signed up for the year.

At the Kawasaki press conference, it was confirmed that the same riders would be with the Fuchs team next year.

Some quotes:

Akira Yanagawa (Fuchs Kawasaki)
My bike feels really good in the wet and in the dry, but in between we couldn't find a good compromise yet. This was the reason why I wasn't much quicker when it stopped raining. So I hope it's either dry or pouring with rain tomorrow.

Gregorio Lavilla (Fuchs Kawasaki)
We are still working hard on the front suspension. The rear feels quite good, but the front gives me no confidence. We will see tomorrow if we can sort it out.

Troy Corser (AXO Aprilia)
I could have gone a little faster, but it would probably not have been enough for the front row, so I let it go. I'm feeling confident for tomorrow. we have a good setup on each of the bikes, one for the wet and one for the dry, so I'll be trying to take two wins tomorrow.

Troy Bayliss (Infostrada Ducati)
I made a couple of mistakes in my series of Superpole fast laps. I lost the front a couple of times on the set track and ruined my concentration. I'm not very happy with row 2, but it's not that bad. Tomorrow, if it's still raining in the warm-up, I'll have to fix the set-up of the bike, as it's still not right.

They make Aprilia's in yellow too

...and Troy has some nice leathers to match

Haga thanks his barmy army of fans for their season-long support

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