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Free Online MX Training!

By Sean Alexander, Sep. 22, 2004
This sounds like a great opportunity to brush-up on our MX and off-road riding skills. -Sean


As an incentive for riders to become acquainted with his step-by-step approach to motocross success, pro motocross instructor Gary Semics allows visitors to his online web-based Motocross Training Center www.mxtrainingcenter.com to participate in a four-day introductory course at no charge.

Covered in the free online sessions are practice strategies, breaking and cornering tips, tips for attacking jumps, and the secret to negotiating whoops. A free tutorial on bike set-up is also available for download.

Those visitors who sign up for the Free 4-Day Mx Training Course (value $19.95) will, each day, for four days, be sent an information-packed article via email that includes pictures and video clips as follows...

- Day 1: Practice Strategies.
- Day 2: Braking and Cornering.
- Day 3: Attacking Jumps.
- Day 4: Secrets of Whoops.

Subscribing takes less than one minute as visitors enter only their first name and email address.

"You can take the guesswork out of your riding once and for all," says Semics, who has trained some of the winningest riders in motocross.

"The first day's course is sent to you within 5 minutes of signing up, so you won't have to wait to become faster!"

All 4 training sessions are written and produced by Gary Semics.

For more information you may visit www.mxtrainingcenter.com or call Webmaster Paul at (812)240-9813 or Gary at (330)424-9295.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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