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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Hyosung the next Honda?

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 21, 2004
Im always carping about why there are no small Universal Japanese Motorcycles produced anymore.

That might have to change, with the recent introduction of the UKM, or Universal Korean Motorcycle, to our shores.

About a week ago, another MOron from Korea posted something about his Hyosung 250 Mirage. Interested in what it was, I checked around, and found something under Hysoyung 250 Comet.

Looks like a trick little bike. They also have this model in 125cc, and 600cc trim. Check out this link to a bike shop in Rhode Island, that stocks Hyosungs. Click on vehicles, then motorcycles.

If you live in Kalifornia, too bad, they don't pass CARB & ARB yet (according to a dealer in Arizona).

How about a Hyosung test?


Hmmm... kinda hard to get one to test in the CA, but we'll see what we can do. And the next Honda? Dunno about that! --MO

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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