Supercross Gets New Partner

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
AMA Pro Racing has selected JamSports and Entertainment as its new promoter partner for the AMA U.S. Supercross Championship Series commencing with the 2003 season and extending through the 2009 season. JamSports is a division of Chicago-based Jam Productions, the largest independent producer of live events in North America.

The decision was made by the Board of Directors of AMA Pro Racing after evaluating proposals from several companies, including Clear Channel Entertainment, the current promoter of AMA Supercross events. This current promotional agreement between Clear Channel and the AMA expires at the end of the 2002 season.

"We'd like to thank Clear Channel Entertainment for its significant contributions to AMA Supercross over the past several years," said Scott Hollingsworth, chief executive officer of AMA Pro Racing. "The board felt this was the appropriate time to take a long, hard look at our expectations for the future of AMA Supercross and, in particular, the type of relationship we should develop with our business partners. Several proposals were considered, but JamSport's stood out, as did the quality of executive firepower they were prepared to commit to the future of the sport."

Mark Tuttle, chairman of the AMA Pro Racing board of directors added, "I am pleased that after considering a variety of complex issues, at the end of this arduous process the board of directors reached a decision regarding the best long-term alternative without dissension."

Jerry Mickelson, a principal of JamSports, stated, "We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with the AMA and AMA Pro Racing and appreciate the trust they have shown us by placing part of their 75 years of racing history in our hands. Our objectives are to deliver powerful and successful live events along with great television coverage -- the platform for turning AMA Supercross riders into household names. We expect to provide the manufacturers and sponsors value for their investment beyond their highest expectations."

Tony Dimitriades, also a principal in JamSports, added, "We are convinced that the growth of Supercross is best accomplished by strengthening even further the relationship among all participants, by respecting the differing points of view and recognizing the contribution of each."

The 2003 season will feature a 16-race schedule at stadiums in major markets, including some major media markets not currently on the AMA Supercross schedule. Early confirmation of some events for the 2003 season will be made in coming weeks and a ground-breaking new television agreement is under development.

The 2002 season of AMA EA Sports Supercross presented by Speed Stick kicks off on Saturday, January 5, at Edison Field in Anaheim, California, in what's sure to be another exciting year of racing. Go to for information regarding ticket availability.

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