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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Royal Enfield Sucks

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 05, 2004
Just wanted to take a minute and put a warning out to other riders. If you are thinking of buying a Royal Enfield, Don't. I have put 1200 miles on an Enfield 500 deluxe and had to spend 700 dollars in repairs. At this time the bike is still unridable and the manufacture refuses to honor the warranty. The dealership I bought it from went chapter 11 and I'm left with a lemon. The bike has leaky seals in the front forks and had to have a valve guide replaced before 500 miles was on the bike. To many repares to list. Just a warning.

Taken with a grain of salt -- a completely undocumented account from an Anonymous Squid -- anyone out there have experience with these? Are this person's expectations too high for a stolen-tooling neolithic recreation of a motorcycle? Maybe he's the wrong demographic -- only accomplished gearheads should apply. Conversely, if you sell it as new in 2004, it sould'a'oughtta run right out of the box...

Dang, we're twisting ourselves around here and not making any point. Hmmm. This is MO.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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