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UK Brands Hatch World Superbike Results First Qualification

By Brent Plummer, Oct. 13, 2000
Troy Corser's the fast guy, with Haga watching from the sidelines...

Brands Hatch Round World Superbike Qualification Results.

Session 1

By Colin MacKellar

2000 Brands Hatch Round World SuperbikeTRACK: Brands Hatch - United KingdomDATE: 13 October 2000WEATHER: Cool, dry.Session #1 ==========1 3 Corser Aus Apr 1'26.4662 21 Bayliss Aus Duc 1'26.7633 45 Haydon Gbr Duc 1'26.8654 2 Edwards USA Hon 1'27.2455 47 Reynolds Gbr Duc 1'27.2976 7 Chili Ita Suz 1'27.2977 48 Hodgson Gbr Duc 1'27.3028 111 Slight Nzl Hon 1'27.4489 49 Walker Gbr Suz 1'27.45810 4 Yanagawa Jpn Kaw 1'27.74011 9 Fujiwara Jpn Suz 1'27.87712 155 Bostrom USA Duc 1'27.99213 13 Meklau Aut Duc 1'27.99514 6 Lavilla Spa Kaw 1'28.04515 19 Borja Spa Duc 1'28.23016 39 Gramigni Ita Yam 1'28.253Top Speed: Chris Walker (249.9 kph)

Corser goes out for another hot lap

Corser on a mission for ApriliaOnly rider to run multiple sub-27s

With an air of anti-climax hanging over the paddock after Haga's ban from the event, it seems that Troy Corser (AXO Aprilia) sees his chance to seize second place in the championship by taking the win in both races. He was quickly on the pace and managed to set in total 3 laps under 1' 27sec. For a time it looked as if local hero James Haydon (Red Bull Ducati) might be preparing to put the WSB regulars in their place as he was the first to dive under the 27 mark, but shortly afterwards Corser got in the groove and stole provisional pole.

For the afternoon session, the track was fully dry after a half-dry track in the free practice session of the morning. The are in the UK has been deluged these last few days and there is serious flooding in a 30 mile radius of the track. Fortunately it looks like the weekend may be dry although air temperature is low at a chilly mid-afternoon 15 degrees. Despite this being the second race at Brands Hatch, many of the riders are having trouble matching their practice times back in August. One rider who looked to do well in August, Steve Hislop, is missing from the Virgin Yamaha team, his place being filled by veteran team-hopper Anthony Gobert. Gobert has been filling in for Hislop in the British championship and has been having some good results including one race win at the shortened version of the track, here at Brands Hatch. Despite that, he was struggling to match the top times, ending up 17th. at the end of the session.

Gobert back in World Superbikes

Some quotes:

Akira Yanagawa (Fuchs Kawasaki)
This bike looks and feels much better than the last one here. The engine I'm using has a different characteristic. It's more aggressive and fits my riding style better. I was on a race tire most of the time and was riding low 28s. This makes me very confident for the races.

Gregorio Lavilla (Fuchs Kawasaki)
We were trying a different suspension set-up and the rear feels quite alright but the front is far away from the performance I'm looking for.

Troy Corser (AXO Aprilia)
I was running the bike I tested at Mugello after the last Superbike race at Oschersleben, and the engine is much stronger than it was for the race we had here in August. The setup is pretty similar to when we were here before, but we have had to make some changes because of the stronger engine.

Colin Edwards (Castrol Honda)
I couldn't get comfortable out there.. We've still got a bit of work to do on the suspension and tyre choice but overall we're not in bad shape. I'm not thinking about being champion, I just want to win some races.



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