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The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, A 100-Year History

By Sean Alexander, Aug. 17, 2004
Ever wonder why Harley didn't choose the same path that you would have? Turn your wonderment into enlightenment, with David Wright's book The Harley-Davidson Motor Company - A 100-Year History.

Did you know that in 1936 Harley designed and built a 1-ton, 12' long, "motorcycle" with two closely-spaced front and two closely-spaced rear wheels, powered it with an 8,000cc, 500HP, Dodge V-10 and claimed it would go 400MPH? Ok, so they didn't. However, they have done many surprising things in their 100 year history.

It is obvious that Mr. Wright (no pun intended) has done his homework and uncovered everything you ever wanted to know about Harley-Davidson, but were afraid to ask.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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