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How Spanish Cops Stop Bikes

By Sean Alexander, Aug. 04, 2004
Actually he didn't write anything, but he did send us this link:

CBS News Video

I suppose hostage takers deserve whatever is coming to them, but this looks like a fairly irresponsible way to apprehend a criminal. Remember, he didn't kill anyone, didn't blow anything up and I think he deserves bonus points for choosing a Yamaha R6 as a getaway bike. If I was the cops, I would have secretly replaced the gas in his tank with Folgers Crystals and had just enough gas available to the intake system to start the bike and let it run for a few seconds (or just rigged a radio controlled ignition cutout) so the bike would stall, after he rode a hundred meters away from the hostages. I would also have taken the passenger pegs and seat pad off the bike, so he couldn't take a hostage along as a passenger.

Oh well, I guess in Spain it must be safer and cheaper to total one police car, one bike and maim the criminal, than to simply run up to the stalled bike and tazer the guy. Watch the video and tell us what you think. -Sean

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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