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Her Favorite Biker Accessory

By Sean Alexander, Jul. 22, 2004
Ok, so this honest to god motorcycle industry press release is a little "out there". What else would you expect from a guy who's last name ends in alone? Sounds like a natural for some co-branded marketing with the people from Sneaky Leaker. I'm picturing the inventor as some Guido with a 1/2 buttoned shirt, lots of chest hair and crazy gold chains and medallions. -Sean

*PRESS RELEASE* New Motorcycle Concept Designed For Industry's Most "Pleasurable" Cycle Accessory.

New York City, NY ~ It's a motorcycle accessory that definitely creates a buzz wherever it goes. And now the makers of The Vibe-Rider are looking to increase that buzz by creating a one-of-a-kind concept, event-demo motorcycle that incorporates this titillating technology right into the bike.

What is The Vibe-Rider? The Vibe-Rider is a unique motorcycle accessory designed to make riding more "pleasurable" for passengers. It is a compact electronic device that works on any motorcycle and fits discretely within any type of motorcycle seat. A simple twist of the throttle accelerates the Vibe-Rider to deliver an amplified and centralized sensation to a passenger's "happy spot." The Vibe-Rider's "Stimulator" provides a pulsating vibration in dual modes: a synchronized mode that operates directly with the engine's RPMs, and the "turbo" mode which bypasses the normal variable vibrations and puts the Stimulator into a constant high frequency state.

What's New? In the research stage is the concept of a customized, stretch FOUR-seat motorcycle equipped with multiple Vibe-Riders to be used for demos, contests and motorcycle shows worldwide. As always, the company's beautiful "Vibe-Girls" will help display and demonstrate the cycle at events. This concept cycle idea has already generated interest from television production companies and discussions are underway for multiple promotional events and showings throughout 2005.

Since it's unveiling in 1999, the response to the Vibe-Rider product line has been staggering and is growing in popularity among riders. "The Vibe-Rider makes for a great icebreaker, fore-player or conversation starter," says Vibe-Rider inventor Sal Linzalone. "Tell someone about your little accessory and you'll see the same mischievous grin as they begin to understand just what the Vibe-Rider is capable of. Women will be overcome with curiosity and guys will envy you."

Vibe-Rider's popularity has been due to word-of-mouth referrals, dealer sales and demonstrations at biker events such as Daytona Bike Week. With a revamped website and logo, an apparel line and a growing number of U.S. dealers, Vibe-Rider sales figures have increased tenfold since its first year and has taken on additional manufacturers to help keep up with demand.

Vibe-Rider retails for $129 and can be purchased online at: www.viberider.com or by calling toll free (877) 842-3743.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
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