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Two riders hurt in practical joke

By George Obradovich, Jul. 18, 2004
This was recently reported on the AP wire: Two Motorcyclists Hurt in Prankster's Plastic Wrap Trap

Strange News - AP

2 Hurt in Prankster's Plastic Wrap Trap

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TOWN OF WAUKESHA, Wisconsin - A prankster tightly wound plastic wrap around traffic poles across a two-lane road, causing a motorcycle accident that injured two people.

Daniel Buckel, and his girlfriend, Theresa Brzykcy, were riding south of Waukesha on Tuesday when their motorcycle crashed into the plastic wrap set up about 3 to 4 feet above the road wound thickly from traffic poles on opposite sides.

Buckel, 22, was within 10 feet when he saw the makeshift barricade, and hit the brakes.

"It's appalling, and it's really frightening," Brzykcy, 19, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "What was their intention? This should make people more aware that pranks like that are not as harmless as they seem."

Buckel was cut above his eye and broke his finger. Brzykcy also suffered scrapes and bruises.

Buckel is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Last year several parked cars were found bound in plastic wrap to prevent drivers from getting inside, Detective Steve Pederson said.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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