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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Motorcycle fatalities in the Sacramento Area

By George Obradovich, Jul. 13, 2004
In the last two weeks there have been three motorcycle fatalities reported in the Sacramento Bee. The first of these was a 46-year old Harley rider whose "recent hobby" was riding his new Harley Davidson around the hills outside his home. He had been riding all of two months. While returning home at 10:30 pm at high speed on a rural two-lane road he failed to negotiate a turn and hit a tree.

The next fatality was a 33 year old on a sport bike doing a wheelie across a bridge at 100 mph when he lost control, according to the accident report.

Finally, a 25 year old was killed trying to outrun the local Sheriff at speeds of 80 to 100mph. He was being chased down for racing with another motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accidents are up and there is some discussion about the cause. I think this is best addressed in rider training courses. Rider training programs are underfunded as is, but now there is a new training curriculum from the manufacturers that is apparently much easier to pass. This is all going wrong. You know what can happen. If we can't behave they're gong to take our toys away from us. What's being done to address this?

Sounds to me as though Sacramento was unlucky/lucky enough to lose a couple of squids and unfortunate to lose a new rider, who was riding over his head. I think rider training probably would have helped the new guy on the Harley, but the other two died as a direct result of their own extreme risk taking, additional training most likely wouldn't have helped them. -Sean

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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