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Rucker Performance Unveils Custom Motorcycle

By Sean Alexander, Jul. 02, 2004
QUICK! Somebody get me a Paxil! I try... believe me I try to keep an open mind and to give standards, cruisers, sportbikes, tourers, scooters & Segways a fair and un-slanted review. However, my common sense and background as a racer/sportbike guy is not going to sit idly by and allow me to post this "Press Release" unmolested.

You see, this press release comes from a company with "Performance" in its name. Furthermore, the release places an emphasis on the bikes stability handling and function. So, what's the problem you ask? Well, the problem is this.... The Press Release is for a f'n CHOPPER! That's right, a $34,000, raked-out, hands in the air, ass dragging the ground, feet way-out-there, chassis flexing, no ground clearance having, poseur trinket that is typically ridden by insecure guys with more dollars than sense. I know, I know I'm not being politically correct. I understand that motorcycling isn't all about logic or practicality and I know that I should bite my tongue and just let it slide. But, I can't damn it! It is too much for me to swallow, when a marketeeeer tries to tell the sheep that lowering the seat height (which raises the relative position of the rider's hands & feet) actually makes a chopper handle better. Puh lease! If these people were even remotely concerned with performance and handling, they wouldnt be building a chopper. Choppers are cool (kinda), Choppers are fun, Choppers used to be unique and rebellious, BUT, choppers DONT handle well. Sure, the Copperhead might handle well for a chopper, but bragging about a choppers performance and handling is akin to a yacht broker espousing the handling virtues of the Exxon Valdez. Sean


Several Other New Models To Follow In The Next Few Months

FORT WORTH, Texas (July 2, 2004) ~ Custom motorcycle innovator Bill Rucker has unveiled his first new Rucker Performance custom motorcycle model Copperhead. The bike is the first to roll out of Ruckers new production facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

It wont be the last. Rucker will soon introduce other new models, such as Gauntlet, Warlord and Assassin. Additional new models will follow in the coming weeks and months.

Copperhead is already getting rave reviews from those who have seen it in person. Drawing particular attention is its unique drop-seat design, which gives Copperhead a low center of gravity for better handling, stability, comfort and ergonomics. Veteran riders who have ridden Copperhead have told Rucker its the most comfortable and finest riding custom bike theyve tried.

The drop-seat design is more difficult to build, but its worth it, said Rucker. If its not comfortable and stable, why would you want to ride it?

Rucker has not stopped there. The fully polished 124 cubic inch S&S engine pumps out plenty of power through its six-speed transmission. And the list of quality features is deep. Weld wheels and Ness controls complement the custom frame, sheet metal, handlebars, exotic seat materials, paint and graphics. The unique tail lights and turn signals feature LED lighting mounted in a bullet shape inspired by the nose gun on a Cobra helicopter.

Im really proud of the team weve assembled here at Rucker Performance. Their dedication to quality, unique design and performance mirrors my way of doing things, Rucker said. Copperhead is just a taste of what the future holds at Rucker Performance.

The base MSRP for Copperhead is $34,995. For further information about this model or others soon to come, contact Rucker Performance at 817-838-3200 or email [email protected].
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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