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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Angry cagers = Trouble

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 17, 2004
Driving(still don't have my bike yet:( ) home from work today, I had the privilege of seeing a Duc 999S just slowly bopping up PCH one lane over, so I turned off the radio and rolled down the window to listen to the music.

A small angry white station wagon was following Duc rider(not well enough protected in just a shirt, jeans and a helmet, IMHO), and was tailgating him to the red lights into Huntington Beach.

The Duc rider probably escalated the situation by taking his time to shift into 1st *after* the green light--the angry little wagon wove around him IN THE SAME LANE and cut back into his way. The rider further compounded the problem by blipping the throttle and passing little angry wagon up to the next red light, and then proceeding to slowly shift into 1st as THAT light turned green.

Then, the little angry cager proceeded to rear-end the Duc, knocking it and rider to the ground. Then he (the cager) backed up, once again wove around(now downed) bike, and took off up PCH. The Duc rider got up, brushed himself off, and took off after little angry wagon, obviously upset.

I called the police and reported it as a hit and run, but only got some of the plate on the little angry cage. CHP was very appreciative of my assistance; I think they'll find the guy; I hope so.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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