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Road America Superbike Results

By George Obradovich, Jun. 07, 2004
The old guy DuHamel doubled up in Superbike and closed the gap in the overall points lead.

From a press release issued Honda Racing Information:

American Hondas Duhamel Makes History at Road America

American Hondas Miguel Duhamel did what no one before him ever had, winning both Superbike races and a support race on an AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship weekend, Duhamels coming on the longest track of the year, the scenic four-mile Road America circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Sundays Superbike win moved him to the top of the all-time list and was Hondas 110th in AMA Superbike competition.

But Duhamel wasnt the only Honda rider tasting success. After leading the first 14 of 16 laps, Erion Hondas Jake Zemke finished second to Duhamel in Sundays Superbike race. He was also second in Saturdays Formula Xtreme race and third in Superbike on Saturday. Erion Hondas Alex Gobert made it an all-Honda podium in Formula Xtreme by taking third. The trio owns the top three spots in the Formula Xtreme Championship, Duhamels four wins giving him an 11 point lead on Zemke (two wins), 213 to 202, with Gobert third at 166.

The double Superbike wins also pulled Duhamel closer to the Superbike championship lead. By winning for the fourth and fifth time at Road America, he closed the gap to 10 points behind championship leader Mat Mladin (Suzuki). Mladin finished second and third in the two races.

American Hondas Ben Bostrom ran second in the early stages of both races before encountering various problems. On Saturday he finished in fourth, just off the podium. Bostrom had chosen a different construction rear tire than race-winner Duhamel, though it was the same tire compound. On Sunday it was only in the very latest stages of the race that he was denied a podium and finished fifth.

Miguel Duhamel, Sunday, First Place
Very excellent. Only my dad (ex-racer Yvon Duhamel) would point out that I didnt get pole in (Formula) Xtreme and he might nitpick about not leading the most laps. Besides that I think hes very happy and obviously for myself Im very happy. With the company that Im keeping, my dad likes to kid around, but he knows and I know that its really difficult to do what we do. I feel great about what I pulled off but theres always a bit of luck that goes your way. You need a great team. This weekend was just one of those weekends when everything went well.

Jake Zemke, Sunday, Second Place
The red flag hurt us quite badly not just in the time difference but after we came back in after that restart we had a pretty serious problem with our bike and it kept getting progressively got worse and worse as the race wore on. Im actually happy to just be sitting here to tell you the truth. I stayed out there and luckily came home and got some points and well move on to Brainerd.

Ben Bostrom, Sunday, Fifth Place
We had twice the bike we had yesterday but were just missing out on the rear grip. Miguel (Duhamel), it looks like hes riding pretty easy. Jake (Zemke) looks like hes riding pretty hard; he definitely didnt have the grip Miguel had. Miguel made it look easy. He was riding pretty comfortable, picking the bike up driving off the corners stronger than anyone. As the tire wore down I got slower.

Miguel Duhamel, Saturday, First Place
I was definitely keeping a great eye on my pit board and I saw the gap go up to 1.4, almost 1.8 seconds. So when you get one second thats a decent gap. Its funny, its like they were tied to a string. I was able to pull one second and then they were just not falling any more than that. When youre leading you dont want to push too hard and then maybe have a tire problem. You never know. It was on my mind because when I took off the tire was reacting quite a bit different than its been doing all weekend. I was aggressive, but trying to be smooth because I didnt know what to expect when the race wound down. But yeah, I was definitely watching my pit board. Plus one was a lot more refreshing to see than plus zero.

Jake Zemke, Saturday, Second Place
We had some problems this morning with our brakes and were still having problems with our brakes. Miguel (Duhamel) got through there and was running well and I was trying to reel him back him. He got away from me there a little bit and in doing so, the only time I was really making on him was on the brakes going in. And eventually they just couldnt handle it any more. Just missed turn five there a little bit and had to turn around and pass Eric (Bostrom) and Ben (Bostrom) back and that was about it.

Ben Bostrom, Saturday, Fourth Place
I think Jake (Zemke) and I got snookered a little bit on tires and (Mat) Mladin and Miguel (Duhamel) must have made the right choice. We all ran the same compound; they ran a different construction. Tomorrow well run a different set-up. I knew we were in trouble because I couldnt get a drive to pass (Eric Bostrom) on the straightaway. When the other guys came by, I followed them. Wed seem to make time on the entries and lose it on the exit. Thats usually a sign of trouble toward the end of the race. Itll be faster tomorrow.

Sunday Superbike
1. Miguel Duhamel (Honda)
2. Jake Zemke (Honda)
3. Mat Mladin (Suzuki)
4. Aaron Yates (Suzuki)
5. Ben Bostrom (Honda)
6. Eric Bostrom (Ducati)
7. Steve Crevier (Suzuki)
8. Larry Pegram (Yamaha)
9. Geoff May (Suzuki)
10. Shawn Higbee (Suzuki)

Saturday Superbike:
1. Miguel Duhamel (Honda)
2. Mat Mladin (Suzuki)
3. Jake Zemke (Honda)
4. Ben Bostrom (Honda)
5. Eric Bostrom (Ducati)
6. Steve Crevier (Suzuki)
7. Aaron Yates (Suzuki)
8. Geoff May (Suzuki)
9. Shawn Higbee (Suzuki)
10. Eric Wood (Suzuki)

Point Standings after 10 rounds:

1.Mladin, 329
2. Duhamel, 319
3. Zemke, 311
4. Eric Bostrom, 235
5. May, 220
6. Ben Bostrom, 184
7. Haner, 183
8. Yates, 165
9. Wood, 161
10. Acree, 156
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