Helmets for Extra Long Oval Headed Aliens?

Any chance I could get someone to list helmets that run VERY long oval? I'm not talkin' Arai, I mean any that make Arai's look wide and round. Think Alien Creature here, with a parasite alien living in his bulbous forehead. Thanks!

Dunno if this is the proper way to start a forum, I'm new to this site. Here's my 9-year-old helmet problem:

I've got a 61cm head but have never, ever found a comfy full-face helmet (even XXL Nolan 901, or XXXL for Zeus) 'cause my head is *very* long oval, with a protruding forehead, plus I wear glasses and don't want the helmet to fit too darn tight. But I don't want to wear anything less than a full-face, 'cause drivers here are F-ing nuts, and an accident is only a matter of time...

It's very hard to try on helmets here in Taiwan. Local heads run small and round, and so no one stocks larger or more oval helmets, not even XXL --- not even the supposedly superior Arai/Shoei/Nolan shops. Sure, they'll order one for me, but only if I pay in advance, and if it doesn't fit, too bad. Scumbags! And then there's the bull***** policy of Arai's preventing me from ordering online. So, for 9 years, I've had a serious red mark on my forehead when I walk into the office. It's embarassing!

For comparison, I cannot wear the Penguin, Fulmer, Vemar VSR, OGK FF-4, HJC Symax, Roof, CMS, Schuberth, MR2, or Zeus.

The Nolan 901-x Xlite in XXL was slightly too small, and there was too much forehead pressure. The Zeus 508W flipup XXXL is too small and MUCH too round. I've already got the following coming in the mail: Arai Renegade xxl, Caberg Justissimo xxl, KBC Euro xxl, KBC Wolf xxl.

I sure will appreciate any help!
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