Best Selling Bikes?

Dear MOrons,

Where can I get statistics on the top selling motorcycle models in the US, in Europe and in Japan? Which model sells the best in each market? Ideally, I'd also get statistics about which motorcycle models create the fattest margins for the manufacturers, but I'd settle for simple sales statistics by model if that's all that's available. Any ideas?

For example, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (, which covers motorcycles as well as cars and trucks, lists statistics for best selling motorcycles in Japan by displacement, but not by model. Does the US or Europe have any similar statistic databases on motorcycle sales? What about motorcycle sales in, say, China or India, two very large motorcycle markets. Any ideas?

Also, which model is the top selling bike in the world, over time? I've heard it's the Honda Cub and its various copies. Is that so?

Thanks for your help with this.


Seoul, Korea

Hyosung Mirage/Aquila
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