Vanson Vent Jacket

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Mmmmmm… Vanson I’ve always liked Vanson’s products and my eyes lit-up when their new “Vent” jacket arrived at MO. You see, I’ve been a fan of the new vented textile jackets, ever since I bought a Joe Rocket Phoenix about 3 years ago. The Phoenix was very light and kept me nice and cool, but felt a little flimsy and made me wonder about crash protection. Recently, my silver Phoenix was stolen from the MO compound and I’ve been moping around sweating ever since. I thought my prayers had been answered last month, when a new size XL Vanson Vent jacket showed-up for testing. Well, it seems like MO isn’t a very safe place to store a vented jacket, because no sooner did I look away, than the jacket ended up at EBass’ apartment. I tried withholding his paychecks but it seems he’s gotten himself one of those “Day Jobs” and doesn’t need our money anymore :-( At least he agreed to test and review the new Vanson for us.

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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