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Aprilia - Say it aint so!

By Sean Alexander, Apr. 27, 2004
Rumors are rampant today that Aprilia is dancing with bankruptcy and has "temporarily" halted production of some (or all) of its products. So far these are just rumors that are working their way through the European and US press. As of 10:30pm pacific, there has been nothing "Official" from Aprilia, however, I suspect they'll have something to say tomorrow and I'll update this posting as more is known.

If the worst of these rumors are true, this could possibly mean the end of the Aprilia line of motorcycles as we know them. However, it is more likely that an arrangement will be worked-out with the courts to allow continued production, using the same engineers, factories and workers. This would be good news indeed, as Aprilia makes some of the finest motorcycles this journalist has ever tested. -Sean

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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