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Moto Guzzi closing their doors?

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 30, 2004
I recieved this yesterday on one of my lists. I don't know if it is true or not -- it is just a rumor I heard. Have any of you heard this at all?

His written English is a bit problematical, but it looks like MotoGuzzi is bankrupt and has temporarily closed its doors to see if an ownercan be found. Now you have to wonder about Aprilia as well....

>Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 06:40:03 +0000
>From: Fabrizio
>Subject: [Jackal Owners Club] Bad News from Mandello
>The very bad news arrive from Mandello, the Moto Guzzi in "Cassa
>Integrazione" the similar in suspension of payments. It is to say
>the company at the moment closed (by a month to see how to solve the
>problem)They stop the production, the employees are not going to work
>and takes part the state to pay their salary, the supplier have
>blocked commands to Moto Guzzi for lack of payments. That's not the
>first time Guzzi passed these bads moments and it has got on,
>therefore it is not necessary to be hopeless,it's clear that Aprilia
>that does not sail now in good waters,does not have enough money to
>invest in Moto Guzzi so Guzzi looks for investing partners and they
>are shuffling several hypothesis from Bmw to Suzuki, Ktm and Rogers.
>Guzzi name has an unimaginable potential for that knows to operate it
>well, if they are not going to revolutionize the production
>Forza Guzzi we are all with you!>>

And that was it. Anyone know anything else about this? Or is this just a stupid rumor? I had heard friday from someone who works for a bike parts supply company he heard a rumor that Aprilia went bankrupt that day, so there may be some truth to all this in one way or another.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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