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2004 Ducati ST3

By Sean Alexander, Mar. 03, 2004
Our man Yossef has been a busy boy lately. He's just finished work on this review of the new Ducati ST3. Last month, he rode the new GSX-R 600 for us and as you read this, he's hard-at-work on a new series of "How-To" articles for MO. The first article in that series will be a comprehensive "How to change your oil" followed by progressively more complex tasks in the coming months. With any luck, after he finishes that Oil Change story, he'll be jumping on a train bound for the Italian intro of the new GSX-R 750. Lots of work, but high-quality results, it's the Yossef Schvetz way. Atta Boy Yossef!

How do you like the new fairing style for the Ducati ST's? I have mixed feelings, I think they seem more functional, but are a tad bland and derivative in their styling. That engine however seems like a peach, I cant wait to take a U.S. test-tour on the thing. Perhaps Ducati will let me take it up the Alcan highway with the MOron Sport Tour of 2004. -Sean

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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