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Sepang MotoGP Testing Times

By Sean Alexander, Jan. 26, 2004
I've compiled a quick listing of the fastest MotoGP times, as reported from recent testing in Sepang Malaysia. I don't know how honest the claimed times are, but if they are close, it looks like Rossi might not have it as tough as many suspected. I was unable to get times for the Suzuki Team, other than Hopkins' claim "I was able to get into the 2:03s today" I wonder where Ducati would be on this list, had they participated in the Sepang tests..... -Sean

Max Biaggi - Honda - 2:02.585
Sete Gibernau - Honda - 2:02.70
Valentino Rossi - Yamaha - 2:02.75
Nicky Hayden - Honda - 2:03.20
Tohru Ukawa (test rider) - Honda - 2:03.20
Colin Edwards - Honda - 2:03.30
Makoto Tamada - Honda - 2:03.50
Carlos Checa - Yamaha - 2:03.57
John Hopkins - Suzuki - 2:03.xx
Alex Hoffman - Kawasaki - 2:04.43
Shinya Nakano - Kawasaki - 2:04.47
Marco Melandri - Yamaha - 2:04.90
Norick Abe - Yamaha - 2:04.90

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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