Cali Bill 1200 Without Organ Music

Press Release from AMA:

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has learned that a proposed law in California that could have forced some motorcyclists to become organ donors against their wishes has been amended, and will be reconsidered without the organ-donation provisions.

The amended Assembly Bill 1200 proposes allowing adults 18 and older to decide whether to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. The organ-donation provisions, which had outraged the AMA and motorcyclists nationwide, stated that those who chose not to wear a helmet are "deemed to have consented to the making of an anatomical gift under this act."

The AMA worked directly with Assemblyman John Longville (D-San Bernardino) to remove all of the organ-donation provisions from AB-1200, which was granted reconsideration and has been referred again to the Assembly Transportation Committee.

"The AMA applauds Assemblyman Longville for his support of voluntary helmet use, and for responding to our concerns about compulsory organ donation," said AMA Western States Representative Nick Haris. "We encourage California motorcyclists to support the amended AB-1200."

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