Stunter Hits & Kills Friend Who Was Videotaping Him. Staff
by Staff
Just weeding out the genetically inferior?

Harsh, man, harsh. While it may be true, let's remember someone was killed here.

And it happens to the pros, too -- it wasn't that long ago that a great friend of MO died in a similar accident on a closed racetrack during an OEM photo shoot (no wheelies or stupid riding involved, mind you, just a sad accident), and we all still miss him dearly. Godspeed, and a little respect for fallen bikers, eh?

The point? Motorcycling is inherently dangerous.

That said, the proliferation of public-highway idiots with equally idiotic buddies taping them is a bad trend that's definitely not furthernig the cycling communities' interests. We wonder: are the so-called "pros" that do these tapes for a living any better? Torque and Biker Boyz can't be helping this trend, either. What say you, MOFOs? The larger issue (much like helmet laws): Do we protect the idiotic from themselves, and/or shield society from the costs of their stupidity, or just let social Darwinism take it's course?

And people, let's have reasoned debates on this one, not flamewars! --MO

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