Sliding Off Roads - How to Avoid It?

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Sounds like black ice, antifreeze or oil in the corner. All of these things can be extremely hard to see at a glance. One other thing to look out for, is a leak from your own bike oiling down the rear tire. Be sure to do a thurough inspection during and after you make your repairs. -Sean

I've just had the the most unimpressive crash I've ever had on a bike. Furthermore, a few bits of me and the bike aren't working properly or are completely broken. Fortunately, I only broke my left thumb but my right leg is pretty beaten up and my right arm only moves a bit, although that's probably just bruising and stiffness. Thank God I just bought some new lightweight protective clothing. (now destroyed) I did manage to knock myself out, which kinda suggests that my Arai helmet saved me from something much more serious. Most of the bike's right side is either bent or ripped off. I have no idea how I broke my thumb because I don't think anything on my left side hit the tree.

It was such a stupid accident as well. It's the first time I've ever had a high(ish) speed accident on tarmac without anyone else being involved. I just came up to this corner, found I had no grip and slid into a concrete ditch at about 60mph. This flipped me and the bike into the rain forrest and down a hill. Fortunately the bike and I took different routes and a car driver saw it.

Now to find everything from handlebars to footrests in southern Mexico with rubbish Spanish! That's going to be fun.. mm.... On the upside, I think I can make the bike at least ridable with a new brake lever, throttle, handlebars and footrest, and it was my left thumb....

The point to this post is this: Despite my many years riding and the fact I don't just keep the brakes on when in trouble in a corner, this accident happened on my own. More worryingly, I don't know how I could have avoided it. When I braked, the back end of the bike slid out and despite releasing the brakes.. it stayed there. The surface was good and the corner not sharp. I just slid, fairly upright, off the road. No brakes on, but throttle closed. I did try to steer round the corner but couldn't. I was unable to go back and look at the surface again due to being removed from the scene but I thought it was good.

Now, there is a point to this. I don't know how I could have avoided this accident and I am interested to see if anyone out there in MOland knows better. I'd hate to think I had no way to react to this if it ever happened to me again.

Still heading South,

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