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Janklow updates

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 19, 2003
A columnist in the Minneapolis (Red) Star-Tribune opines that Rep. Bill Janklow appears to have other priorities than facing up to the collision he was in that killed a Minnesota biker last summer.

Doug Grow: Dealing with tragedy the Bill Janklow way
Doug Grow, Star Tribune

Published November 18, 2003 GROW18

Love him or hate him, Bill Janklow was a larger-than-life prairie character -- until Aug. 16.

But since the day the former South Dakota governor and current U.S. representative roared through a stop sign on an eastern South Dakota highway and killed a Minnesota motorcyclist, Janklow has shriveled before our eyes.

Janklow has shown that there are two ways to deal with tragedy: The right way and his way.

The right way would be for him to be filled with remorse for the victim, Randy Scott, and Scott's grieving family and friends. And surely, on the inside, Janklow must feel agony over the pain he's caused.

Read the full story. (Free registration required).

Basically, the story tells how Janklow is full of self-pity and doesn't seem to care about the poor guy he killed. Definitely worth the time for the free registration, it's a good read.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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