Minimum Number of Bikes

In my 8 years of riding I have had bikes ranging from a DR200 to a ST1100. Many bikes in between that now include a 99 VFR and a 71 - H1A. To satisfy the expensive and overwhelming urge to own and insure several bikes at one time I ask the following question:

New bikes such as the FZ6, Kawi Z750, Honda 599 and Suzuki SV650 - with the right rubber, suspension settings and possibly larger rear sprocket - could they not do a little offroad duty? The TL650 looks to be close to what I was looking for but I prefer the high tech FZ6.

They have a better power to weight ratio than the beemer, Tiger and DL1000, are lighter and more flickable, less expensive to insure and are closer to the ground.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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