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Ghezzi & Brian Furia

By Sean Alexander, Nov. 11, 2003
What's that bike that has the exhaust under the engine, the frame that serves more than one-purpose, like tying things together and passing vital nutrients to the engine? You know, the one with those funky rim-mounted front disks? Oh yeah! it's the Ghezzi & Brian Furia. Can't we at least call it an XB... err I mean GB11S ?

Poor Yossef has to ride all-over Europe to test bikes as MO's official "European Correspondent" Sometimes life is hard like that. His latest ordeal was a brutal day spent flogging a super trick Guzzi engined Ghezzi & Brian Furia all over the Italian countryside. Should we send him some flowers?

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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