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by Motorcycle.com Staff

Club Racing a Buell XB9R

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 11, 2003
After selling my EX500 race bike at the end of this past racing season Im thinking about next year and in particular, what bike I want to race. The SV650 seems to be the bike of choice at NHIS. Its cheap to purchase and with a rear shock and a bit of front end work it makes for a cheap excellent racer in a class filled with other SVs and Ducati 750/800s. I was looking at the CSS rule book and see that the rules were changed last year to allow the Buell XB9R to race in the Lightweight Supersport class. As you can see below the LWSS class is basically made up of SVs, Ducati 800s and last years addition the Buell XB9R.

LIGHTWEIGHT SUPERSPORT (Amateur & Expert Divisions)
Single cylinder, Unlimited displacement
Twin cylinder, liquid cooled 2-stroke, up to 450cc
Two stroke, air cooled, Unlimited displacement
Twin cylinder, liquid cooled, up to 675cc
Twin cylinder, air cooled, up to 805cc
Twin cylinder, push-rod, up to 1000cc
Four cylinder, liquid cooled, up to 450cc
Four cylinder, air cooled, 2 valve, up to 675cc
Four cylinder, liquid cooled, pre-1987 model year, up to 565cc
Harley-Davidson Sportsters of unlimited displacement
NOTE: Ducati/Bimota/BMW Supermono/Woods Rotax are excluded.

You'll definitely want to talk to Hal's Harley-Davidson, 414-782-1320, they had an amazing string of no-DNFs in AMA Pro Racing before the AMA ruled Buells out of racing. But, the hot setup is to wedge an H2R 750cc two-stroke into a Gixxer chassis and clean up like a fiend! There's one sitting in the MO Garage collecting pounds of dust (GPz/Gixxer hybrid, actually)... imagine that. --MO

If you look at the numbers on paper the Buell should have an advantage over the SVs and Duc 800s in power output stock. With simple mods (pipe, filter & chip) the bike should be competitive especially at NHIS tight winding track where the high torque of the Buell should get it out of the corners faster.

Now I realize that the SV is the most logical choice to race. Its virtually maintenance free, bullet proof, cheap but club racing is not about logic. Its about passion. Something about the Buell appeals to my illogical side that would love to race it. So has anyone actually raced a Buell XB9R in this class last year? How did you make out? Did you curse the bike all season or have fun?
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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