REFLEX NSS250 Feedback On Review Staff
by Staff
Well. When I was thinking of getting this bike, I was looking for as much info as I can find on it. Dealers were just not helping me find out all the specs and creature comforts of this bike. So i went to your website. Everything i could have wanted to know was there. Its like you basically took apart the bike and examined it. It is outstanding. So because of you guys I went and bought the bike (well financed it). And let me just tell you. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It is my pride and joy now. I take it everywhere. It is amazing. I fit my helmet and some groceries under the seat which is awesome. I even convinced my best friend to get the one i was gonna get (2001 Reflex ABS) but i got the 2003 instead. Now we are planning a Cross Country trip on them. It should be fun. But once again, this was all made possible by you with your outstanding review. Even my parents were excited for me to get it when they read your review. Thanks a bunch and happy riding!

One day, you can graduate to a PC800! --MO

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