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Dodge is actually going to sell it's Tomahawk show bike (show car?) Though they say it isn't street legal, or even intended to be ridden at all, I ask you: Would YOU pay $555,000.00 for a 500+hp bike and NOT ride it? Hmmm... if 55,000 MO readers all sent in $10, we could do a heck of a road test on it.

Dodge enlisted the help of Nieman Marcus to sell the beast, but the phone number to call for info/ordering goes directly back to Dodge.

This is how it's listed on

Tomahawk Collector's Motorcycle

"Motorcycle" isn't really the best way to describe this single-passenger powerhouse. "Boundary-breaking masterpiece" is more appropriate.

• With an out-of-this-world frameless design, the revolutionary Tomahawk is sculpted out of aluminum and powered by a Dodge Viper 505 cubic-inch V-10 engine that cranks out 500 horsepower.
• Became an instant collector's item when it debuted at the 2003 North American International Auto Show.
• Has the muscle to potentially achieve speeds of up to 300 mph.
• Dual wheels at both ends.
• Four-wheel independent suspension for stability and traction as well as speed.
• Cutting-edge design and Art Deco-inspired style.
• This little gem is being offered as a true collector's piece and is not intended to be street legal; nor is it meant to be driven.

For more information and to order, please call 1-877-GRAB LIFE.*

* Neiman Marcus is acting as an advertising agent for this item. MSRP excludes tax.
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